Drifting on the Mountain of Gods / Olympus

19/10/2015 22:06

Chapter one.

Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and the second highest mountain in the Balkans.
In Greek mythology Olympus was the home of the twelve Olympian gods of the ancient greek world. It is the setting of many Greek mythical stories. The twelve Olympian gods lived in the gorges, where there are also their palaces. Pantheon (today Mytikas) was their meeting place and theater of their stormy discussions.
The throne of Zeus hosted solely him, the leader of the gods.

In Greek reality, Olympus is also our home. We like drifting its routes.
But this time was different.

" Maybe Zeus create a limit of clouds, keep them down there and gave us the green light for drifting in his yard. "

But, lets take it from the beginning. Last Saturday some friends visited us and all together visited the mountain of gods to have some fun.We found a beautiful spot for camp, took the route under control and made exactly what we love, drift.!

Chapter two.

As you might guess very easily, all the day was full of drift.
Drift, drift , drift.. and grilled meat =)

We are addicted enough to stay there until the sun falls completely down.

Chapter three.

Bonus photos.

This weekend was awesome. We must do it again soon, very soon!

Special thanks to:
Liontis VRK drift team - E36
Patrick Jp - S13 Kouki
Insane Rbs13 - S13 Rb25det
George Papageorgiou - E21
Konstantinos Tsilivarakos - Corolla AE86
Tasos, Panos Sidiropoulos - Opel Manta
Giannis Liakopoulos Grevena Drift Team - E30
Xaralampos Xrysanthopoulos - E36
Steve Ketner, Adrenaline Rush, Tomas Katsakioris, Yannis Kourouzidis Driftlive, Thanasis Kountoulhs - Photo & video


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