Building the Sileighty / ZFSIL80

16/10/2014 14:34

"I always had in mind a sileighty.. I loved the hatchback s13... but the japanese version was never imported in Greece. Pop-ups are cool sure, but dem s13 projector lights.. and the front end.. Simply astonishing! Dreamt about a jap s13 since i was a little kid."

To be honest a S13 silvia front end swap was not a part of our plans. But some time ago me and Antonis (ZFZENKI) had a close encounter during a drift day here in Larissa. My bumper, left headlight and left fender got smashed. It had been just about 2 or maybe 3 days that i brought the swap as an idea in my mind.. I guess Antonis just gave me the green light!

It didn't take long to decide we were gonna go ahead with the swap and started ordering stuff! Greece has - if not at all - extremely limited supply of silvia spare parts. It was a bit hard to find everything we needed. But our friend Japandyno helped us out again! He sent us a genuine URAS front bumper, the oem kouki sideskirts and front projector lights along with side corners. Fenders and hood were bought from within Europe.

Allright. Time to get our hands dirty! New brackets and mounts had to be fabricated in order for everything to fit like a glove (headlights, intercooler, bumper etc etc). The puzzle is almost complete!

At this point i have to thank Akis (Asmanidis) for the effort and love he puts to all of our cars! He is our chief engineer and without him, there's little we can do!

After everything was double checked and fitted, we body-painted the car with plastidip. It's temporary since i cannot yet decide what the final color will be but it works for now! Decisions decisions.. Tsk.. :P
We're still waiting on some last minute orders like Aerocatch clips for the hood in order to finish the swap. It's kinda like Frankenstein now i know. But in my eyes.. One love people. One love!

As you can see the car is still not done. We got much to do so.. keep in touch and check back!
Thanks for reading.
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ZF Team