Drift Day vol.2 / by Zerofucks

26/11/2014 16:51
With the weather as our ally, the second drift day in our hometown, Larissa, took place! It was huge! Total success! Place? Extreme Kart track at Elefthere ofcourse! We had lots of drivers answering our call, bringing their drift machines - a total of approximately 43 cars - most of them participating in Hellenic national drift championship! So as you can guess the amount of show, smoke and drift was overwhelming and met our expectations. Crowds of people started arriving at the track long before the official and anounced time of the start of the event in order to admire the cars  
up-close while they were parked and ofcourse get themselves some nice positioning to enjoy the show!

Zerofucks, as being the main organizers of the event, couldn't be absent! We were there with #ZFSIL80 and #ZFZENKI under our tent.
Special thanks to our beloved friends from Athens who travelled all the way covering in total more than 700 km in order to honor us with their pressence and go back again! Cannot refer to each one but they know.. ;) Thank you boys and girls! We had, a great weekend and the chance to drift together.!

More. More. A little bit more please..? Ow did we mention that we wanted ... MORE? Tandem bro.. 

14 year old Thodoris Christodoulou surprised us with the 550 bhp Sierra. Some.. bangs and booms happened aswell every once and then but this is routine stuff in these events! 
Everything was great! It was a stressful weekend to coordinate, but.. the result was our greatest reward! We thank from the bottom of our heart everyone who volunteeringly helped us and made this happen. Also teamclutch86, manos option D Fergadis and clutchkick.net for their awesome photographs they took and sent-published.
Stay tuned..
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