Drift Day / Roadtrip to Karpenisi

09/09/2014 12:56

Sunny sundays in greece. 'Nuff said! And that's why we decided it's a great day for a mini roadtrip to a nearby town to meet some friends and participate to a casual race! Off we go to Lamia ! It's a nice mountainous town in central Greece about 200 km from our hometown Larissa. The track is new so we had to test it! The weather was just awesome. No sign of any clouds and the temperature was just right! The only drawback was the fact that we had to begin our trip kinda early, not so much cause of the distance but because the road was all around the mountains! mountains, mountains, turns, turns.. Our mind was playing games! 3 silvias on mountain roads.. Precious and.. with much potential! But still a public road! End of story, we got to the racetrack, met our friends, gave ZEROFUCKS about the tires and had the time of our life! Drive safe on public, RIP the tarmac from the racetrack!
Nice place for camping, what do you think..
Our fresh ZFSIL80 in first public appearance going sideways.
Alberto Zakar in his nissan silvia.
ZF ZENKI in action.
Akis Asmanidis gave his unique show again by killing his tyres with his personal style.

I wonder how this sr20 gearbox is still alive and working. He always like throwing some zf tees for free while
burning his tyres on the spot with 2nd gear.

Our youngest brother, Antonis Asmanidis with his big carbon wing.

It was an epic day. Every drift day is an awesome day!
Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more..
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ZF Team