New Project Begins / S13 200sx

29/10/2014 10:39

A new project is on the way in our ZFgarage!
One more s-chassis of course :P Alex's S13 is getting goodies on it.

We start with the tested and approved recipe of : Coilovers, Arm kit, Polyurethane bushings everywhere and a 2 way Kaaz LSD.

A roll cage , handmade, meeting standards and specifications is on the way and along with it a paintjob for the cabin of the car. Color..? Noone knows yet! Something is up with us and colors.. We can never decide. A Sr20Det engine is here and piece by piece is getting juiced up to sit in the engine bay. 

Also Ronnie is always here with us.

No surprises yet on this project but it's soon to tell, one thing is for sure tho..
you have to STAY TUNED!
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ZF Team