The legend comes alive / ZFRPS13

27/02/2015 12:00

The car will be soon on the road again, so we want to make a short review, just 13 points:

1. So.. here we go.. gonna take you back, about 3 years ago, when the project "angry bird" or zfrps13 was initiated. Initially the car got rid of it;s interior, mechanical parts, everything, got ripped! The hull was taken care of, glues from interior, insulation materials, rust, cleaned out, welds where needed. In a few words, as good as new!

2.Unnecessary parts were removed permanetly from the chassis and hull, like the bumper reinforcement from the front, spare tyre hollow was chopped and replaced by a sheet of metal in order support a racing gas tank, as well as newly fabricated wheel archs were placed.

3. Driver's seat frame was made from scratch, strut, tower bars and all the sweet kinds of bars were made - in order to reinforce the chassis and hull, aswell as a modification (actually just a simple fabrication, a t-shaped steel tube. As you can see from the picture) at the rear end of the car for the jack to be able to lift simultaneously both sides resulting in faster tyre changes. Mmmm more time to spend on the track.

4. Built a metal frame to support the chassis so we can turn it upside down and do some work on the parts below the car. Chassis and hull were welded together and.. well it's just one piece now!

5. A roll cage meeting full standards and specifications was fabricated and installed, last ironworks were done and the car is at last ready for priming and coating!

6. Priming: Check! ✔
Moving on with color coating!

7. So.. after all the priming, chassis was painted plain silver, so that cracks, bumps and any integrity affecting element could be easily spotted!

8. Every car needs to have its personality. That one little (or big!) touch the owner adds! Now.. imagine how important this is to a racecar especially, people walk around it! Admire it! It's more than just a racecar, it's a showcar either you want it or not and that's why we decided to spice it up a bit, make it sexy almost everything mechanical undermeath the car got painted pink, brake calipers, differential shell, control arms, you name it! And you know what.. it's HAWT!

9. Aaaand.. we end up to the long awaited moment! all the new, fresh, awesome stuff we painted and bought are being mounted! Adjustable arms, steering rack, coilovers.. and many, many eye catcher parts. Once done with that it's time to check on the steering angle! Hmm.. not bad.. So what's your bet.. think it's got the potential to do a backwards entry??

10. What color to go for.. what color to go for.. It's on of these moments when you are always changing your mind in like the last.. second each time. Well finally we ended up with this awesome porsche's riviera blue! Don't you love it.. Or else if you wanna call it, one of the colors of Re Amemiya's Rx7 super G!

11. Too much DIY people.. Too much DIY in this car! So! We had to fabricate new front and rear bumper reinforcements, in order to fit everything properly and neat. Oil cooler, intercooler, hoses, fenders, bumpers, oh well you get the point! New front hood and trunk were also made by carbon fiber and aerocatch clips were placed for extra security.. We shouldn't forget the horses lurking under the bonnet and the powah that our Angry Bird has! RAWRRRRRR!

12. New items arriving.. yum yum ! Uras style body kit is in da house! Front, rear bumper and fenders! Painted and mounted in no time! It's such a satisfaction to watch our efforts, time and $$ paying off! Our bird is taking shape and getting ready to fly.. Ronnie is supervising the ongoing wor.. Uhm.. Ronnie?? ... Shhhh!

13. Well...! It seems our AngryBird just needs a heart to come alive.. Ow look there's a SR20DET ! What a coincidence. Later there's gonna be a more descriptive post about this engine, but for now let's keep in mind that we're looking at a Blacktop SR with forged internals -- CP pistons, SCAT connecting rods -- and JUN camshafts and cam gears! As long as a GT Pro HKS Turbo capable of delivering up to about 500 HP. It should be enough.. yep we definately got a ZEROFUCKS giver here ladies and gentlemen!